Mu-05, Fox Hills, Lusail

Client: Qatari Real Estate Group
BUA m2: 10,169
APG Role: Lead Consultancy Services including: Architectural, Structural, Safety, Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape design, Authority Approvals and Supervision
Status: Detailed Design Stage


As one of the most centralized areas of Lusail, intersecting and integrating its Commercial Boulevard and Lusail Towers Financial Centre, Fox Hills is one of the fastest growing developments, with an attractive range of residential and commercial facilities interconnected with a spinal network of green islands. The commercial building is designed for one of the prominent real estate stakeholders, Qatari Real Estate Group. The plot occupies one of the most attractive zones of the Fox Hills development, fronting both the Boulevard and secondary roads. The intention was to create a modular building with repeated units gradually set back from the street as they rise into irregular peaks. The building consists of three basements, ground floor and four upper floors, where free pillars support the upper plates closed in a compact volume. The upper four floors are spread out under the core base, with a change in each plan finally stepping back the last floor plate to provide for different articulation of the building elements.

The building strives to strengthen the architectural language of the district with its volumetric definition and dominance of vertical elements. On the street level, the structure allows for generous open space, encouraging an active and open engagement in accordance to the Fox Hills main vision of boulevard areas. The Ground floor of the building is designated to showroom areas that have flexibility of subdivision into smaller rentable zones. These ground floor retail areas also have independent access, while the areas for tertiary use are distributed accordingly on the upper floors.

The second floor accommodates a large terrace that will be used by the tenants for short informal reunions. A careful control of the column vertical elements has been conducted to allow for penetration of the building from main elevations and the provision of decorative beams. An arcade that wraps the building acts as its main identifying element following the main function of the arcade – a coherent landmark of the street.