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TRUST is a group of architects, designers, planners, interior, landscape designers, MEP and Structural engineers and professionals. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects of all scales and different sectors, throughout Europe and Middle East. Trust’s Project designs emerge out of a careful project study and client needs, analyses of client requirements, and significantly financial / economical flows and feasibility studies of the Projects. Finally, all our them are first built on mutual Trust and respect which we aim to earn with our Clients through concious efforts and dedicated team work.

Our interior designers complete the works of architects bringing designs to life by creative use of light, colors, textures and patterns. They work in close collaboration with clients from different sectors providing creative solutions with high standard for various types of spaces such as hotels, banks, schools, offices, laboratories and residential buildings. Interior designers always work closely with rest of the team from design to the construction / fit out stage to understand well the multitude of discipline requirements such as fire safety, lighting, suistainability and air quality, acoustics and overall MEP solutions in place all in accordance to the latest specifications and regulations.





With the 21st century design and increasingly complex geometries with specific demands present in building designs, we have developed a strong engineering team that uses different techniques to better integrate structural design from early stage of design development. Our team uses contemporary computer software packages to undertake structural model analysis and calculations. We are trusted for building engineering expertise, including precisions structural engineering solutions for high rise buildings and large spaces.

The Trust team of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineers understands that efficient system operation is vital to project success. That is why our comprehensive audits, evaluations, inspections, code calculations, and recommendations are aimed at one goal: to achieve optimal life cycle costing. Coordinated Drawings are prepared by coordinating all of the MEP services with the Architectural and Structural drawings following International and applicable local standards, both in Auto CAD and Revit.





The procedure adopted to design infrastructure works, starts from an in-depth current state analysis, both in geometric and regulatory terms, carried out also with the help of drones. During the design development phase, Engeko engineers, the members of Trust holding put into practice their specific expertise ranging from road and plant design to hydraulic, structural and environmental design. Project activities are carried out using horizontal BIM model that envisages the creation of an information model based on tridimensional, consistent, accurate and coordinated objects.

Thriving to offer an unremittingly improved service, we trust in the significant importance of sustainability in the built environment and its crucial impact on the natural environment and human health. The return on investment (ROI) is furthermore undeniable. For this end, we offer sustainability consultancy and certification management including, but not limited to, LEED and GSAS, for different types of projects at different scales. We pursue an integrative design approach to help our projects in achieving the highest possible levels of sustainability at minimum increase in initial cost.





Through our Team of experts we provide consultation including planning, design, construction and implementation of acoustic services of different scale and types of projects. These services include assessing noise levels, advising on building regulations, sound insulation testing, noise assessment, monitoring and modelling, provision of acoustic design and specifications, assisting with regulatory requirements etc. We have the capability and experience to develop best solutions, and have a strong knowledge and understanding of latest acoustic products that help us develop detailed design solutions suitable for the specific demands of the project.

Engeko members of Trust holding work to rationalize and manage design activities by using specific electronic model-based processes and tools for buildings and infrastructure. Building Information Modelling is a technology-oriented concept that envisages the digital construction of one or more building models.“Begin with the end in mind” is the guiding principle of Engeko’s use of BIM to identify the end-use of collected data and guarantee that they are frequently used throughout the entire project and the structure’s life cycle.





Our Team has the experience and skills to undertake comprehensive supervision services for all scale of the Projects. The supervision is executed to ensure that projects are constructed in accordance to approved design and specifications, taking care of all quality and safety during the construction. During the process, Trust undertakes full responsibility in supporting the Client in coordination and administration of the Contract with services including planning, monitoring, quantity surveying and cost control. The Supervision may include the full role of an Engineer or limited supervision depending on the Client requirements and nature of the Project with final aim to meet technical, statutory, budget and programme requirements.

We trust that running a better business is integral part of a good design and we engage our experts in asset and portfolio management, business planning, feasibility studies, risk and project management to help our clients unlocking potentials and create value. We understand technical and commercial requirements and build valuable financial analysis with clear recommendations. Our engineering work allows us to provide the clients valuable market insights drawn from construction sector while our international presence give us chance to help clients identify relevant opportunities and plan investments in different parts of the world.